Who we are

We like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading suppliers in the field of industrial equipments and spare parts
Our Range of supplies consists of : 
Industrial Machine Tools, Mechanical & Electrical Equipment’s, Compressors, Pumps, Geared Pumps Generators, Motors, Switchgears, High voltage equipment’s, Process control and Instrumentation, Microelectronics etc.
Spares: For all types of machinery and equipment’s
Our Trading department also is in a position to source any of your requirements from all of Germany and other European manufacturers.
We can also arrange the service of our Engineers on a case-to-case basis in case of repairing and/or maintenance of plant and machinery. Please forward your concrete and specific enquiries so that we can make specific offers for boosting your field of operation irrespective of your business field .
Our sales engineers and technical specialists work to identify the right solution for every customer need.

Key Persons

T.M Jacob
[Managing Director]
Auf dem Schurwessel 5a
53347 Alfer-Witterschlick
   +49 228 350 638 0
  +49 228 350 638 38
   +49 171 327 354 2

George Koshy
[Manager- Business Development Middle East ]
   +971 720 466 03
  +971 720 466 04

Vision & Mission

We take a sense of purpose as the vision and mission of the company. We Believe in Commitment, Honesty, Quality and Leadership. "Support has become an unavoidable word in the humans' life". The company aims to become a strong supporting hand to all those seeks services.

Our mission is to provide quality products & professional services to our customers through years of experience gained in project management, material supplies and contract services. General Trading in various good quality commodities, to conduct domestic and overseas business, to serve our customers completely and competitively, to meet all expectations of the stakeholders are the lined mission statements of each and every company members.


JTILS Committed to both safety and quality. It is our goal to provide a safe work environment, deliver quality services for our customers, and to remain a profitable and growing company.
It is our commitment to supply the necessary training and equipment to enable each employee to perform their job in a safe and efficient manner. We must have input from each employee regarding the safety of work practices, procedures, equipment, and conditions.

Quality Policy

JTILS precisely follows Quality principles and Quality Management System. A good number of employees have also been trained. 
Our mission is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing the quality products and services in time and competitive costs. We commits to best practices at international standard with continual improvement in meeting customer specific requirement.

Material Supply

JTILS is ready to take care of your requirements in the field of pipe, fitting, valves, spare parts, Oil Rig Items and machineries for industrial applications. We have strong links with manufacturers and companies dealing in Industrial parts and equipment. Our customer friendliness, flexibility and professional execution of client orders have helped us expand our activities. We take into consideration the quality, safety, reliability and operational criteria of all our customers. We know all clients have production goals to meet and value their time. Whatever industry you may be in; do give us a call to have us consult with you on your specific needs. Our mission is to become an efficient supplier capable of meeting the industrial and commercial requirements for clients within the government and private sector in Saudi Arabia.